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I want to write a script that will dump all partitions of my android device through the android debug bridge and since this is a time intensive process I want to notify the user about the progress by echoing out messages after certain key events happen. To my surprise I have noticed that sometimes echo does not print all the characters that it should.

The smallest sample that reproduces the error is:


targets=$(adb shell "ls /dev/block/nand*")

for item in $targets; do
    echo "Processing $item"
    echo "dd if=$item bs=4M"

This produces the following output:

Processing /dev/block/nanda
dd if=/dev/block/nanda bs=4M
Processing /dev/block/nandd
dd if=/dev/block/nandd bs=4M
Processing /dev/block/nandg
dd if=/dev/block/nandg bs=4M
Processing /dev/block/nandj
Processing /dev/block/nandb
dd if=/dev/block/nandb bs=4M
Processing /dev/block/nande
dd if=/dev/block/nande bs=4M
Processing /dev/block/nandh
Processing /dev/block/nandc
dd if=/dev/block/nandc bs=4M
Processing /dev/block/nandf
dd if=/dev/block/nandf bs=4M
Processing /dev/block/nandi

Why does this happen and how can I fix it?

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Your $item ends with a carriage return, so the cursor zips back to the beginning of the line and prints <space>bs=4M

You can do item=${item%$'\r'}

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That was it. Thank you! – Mihai Bişog Jun 26 '13 at 20:58

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