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I have been using MacOS X for like 4 years. After I have started my new job, I now have an Ubuntu at work, which I started liking very much lately. I have MacBook Pro 9,1 and I have experience about using both Windows and MacOS at the same time on a MacBook Pro. So, I thought I could figure out how to dual boot the system with Ubuntu this time.

I have Ubuntu 13.04 at work and I want to set up 12.04 LTS to my MacBook Pro. I did it using rEFIt after partitioning the HDD accordingly. The setting up went flawlessly (ubuntu even recognised my keyboard lights and function keys and wireless adapter without doing much) but after the set-up, it asked me to restart the system (of course). Yet, even if I can select my way through Ubuntu, it either gives me a white screen with pale vertical lines, or keeps the screen blank. (When it gives the white screen, I hear the classical log on screen welcome sound). BUT, if I select my way through the recovery and do nothing but proceed, it runs.

Is there any ideas to solve this problem.

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