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I would like to change my kernel's page size from 4KB to 4MB as I have had a large addition of RAM to my computer and I am never running out of anymore.

The idea is that programs requiring large amounts of memory will spend less time on allocating pages. I suppose it would improve performance, and I would like to try.

I can’t find anywhere when running make menuconfig. Is there a way to do that?

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You probably want to look at Transparent Hugepages. The .config item is CONFIG_TRANSPARENT_HUGEPAGE. Note that enabling this won't give you huge pages automatically. You'll need to set the CONFIG_TRANSPARENT_HUGEPAGE_MADVISE to 'n', in order to make it the default.

Also note that this doesn't allow you to choose an arbitrary page size. I allows to use the huge page size of the architecture. For x86_64 this is 1Mb, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Page_(computer_memory)#Huge_pages for the full table.

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The PAGESIZE is set at kernel compile time. That selection is only valid for i386 hardware. If you run a 64-bit system or any other architecture, the page size is 4K and cannot be changed.

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To verify PAGE_SIZE you can use the command getconf PAGE_SIZE – Mark Stewart Jun 2 at 18:15

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