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I’m currently trying to install Kali Linux on my laptop as described here. The problem is I’ve a laptop (MSI GT70) with a Raid 0 (2x 500Gb) and Windows 7 installed on it.

At the point where I’ve to select the device for the boot loader installation, selecting /dev/sda5 (as described in the tutorial) won’t work.

While searching for a solution I’ve found this Q&A which says that I’ve to enter the name of the raid array.
I’ve tried to find the name of my raid using the command ls –l /dev/mapper, which doesn’t work: it only prints one entry to the console (crw-rw-rw 1 root ……. control).

How can I find the correct device for the boot loader?

(Btw. I come from the windows world and I’ve almost no Linux experience…)

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