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I apologize if this is the wrong location, but it seemed the most applicable.

I run Fedora 18 and Windows 7 dual booted. I just put a Windows 7 64 bit SP 1 live CD onto an external HDD, formatted ntfs. I confirmed via the filesystem that the iso has been extracted. I am attempting to boot from this external HDD into the Windows 7 Install screen, to format and reinstall.

I restarted and entered the BIOS, set the system to boot from the external HDD, it exits the bios, and boots right onto the internal HDD like the boot order was never changed. It loads GRUB and enters the dual boot Fedora / windows 7 screen. I have booted from this external HDD multiple times in the past, so I am not sure what went wrong.

Any suggestions on how to get the system to boot from the external hdd and not go into GRUB?

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Can you elaborate on how you "put" the live CD on the external hard drive? Did you use dd? –  drs Jun 19 '13 at 13:38
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