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When I connect to the company OpenVPN they don't push their DNS to my computer, which means I have to type the FQDN for the hosts I e.g. SSH and HTTP to.


Is it possible to configure my Linux desktop, so can do

ssh ss@serv

instead of

ssh ss@serv.example.com


There is only one domain, so incase the non-FQDN fails, it will always work, if just example.com is appended.

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linux.die.net/man/5/resolv.conf – Iain Jun 18 '13 at 10:25
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Add this line to your resolv.conf:

search example.com

See resolv.conf(5) for details. If there is already a search line, just append example.com to its end

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Another approach (~/.ssh/config):

Host *.example.com
 HostName %h
 USER user

Host *
 HostName %h.example.com
 USER user

This allows both forms:

ssh private.example.com # ssh user@private.example.com
ssh private             # ssh uesr@private.example.com

This really only works in the case where you are only connecting to .example.com hostnames (since * will match everything). I use a variation where I want to match only hostnames starting with dev-:

Host dev-*.example.com
 HostName %h
 USER user

Host dev-*
 HostName %h.example.com
 USER user
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