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Asked and answered many times, but I can't get it working!!!

(On CentOS) I have the user userA and I want to remove it from group sftponly.

#groups userA
userA : sftponly
#id -Gn userA
#gpasswd -d userA sftponly
Removing user userA from group sftponly
gpasswd: unknown member userA

#tail /etc/group
#tail /etc/passwd

so gpasswd not working. Also:

usermod -G fourpoints fourpoints 

No result.

I don't know really what to do, I'm not sure about editing /etc/group either...

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Ran into the same issue. Was able to do the following to resolve this:

gpasswd -d user group

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No idea why this answer has not been upvoted. It's best practice! – val0x00ff May 21 '15 at 20:25

You cannot remove this user from that group given it's the only group that they're a member of. This is evident in the output being returned to you by the groups userA command:

$ groups userA
userA : sftponly

Also the id output:

$ id -Gn userA

Look in the /etc/passwd file for this user, this is most probably their primary group. You'll have to either move them to another group (by changing their primary in /etc/passwd) or delete their account entirely.

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I think it's necessary first to change the main group to the userA:

#usermod -g userA userA

and then the user can be removed from the group with gpasswd

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