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I am running Xubuntu 12.04.

I installed Helvetica and Helvetica Neue. For some reason, websites that use Helvetica Neue display fine, but those who use Helvetica have some issues...

With Helvetica Neue (yay tampermonkey!)...

As you can see, there is a rather annoying problem: Helvetica is always BOLD.

When checking with fc-match

[CENSORED]@[CENSORED]:~$ fc-match Helvetica
Fontconfig warning: "/etc/fonts/conf.d/50-user.conf", line 9: reading configurations from ~/.fonts.conf is deprecated.
Helvetica-Bold.ttf: "Helvetica" "粗體"

That's why it displays funny! Helvetica matches to Helvetica-Bold.ttf, not Helvetica.ttf!

Is there anything I could add to ~/fonts.conf or something that could fix this issue? I don't like relying on Tampermonkey (yes, I wrote a script) to fix the display issues.

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