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After upgrading from Ubuntu 12.04 to Ubuntu 12.10, I get a message "scanning for btrfs file systems" at starting-up. I don't have any BTRFS filesystem. It delays the booting for about 15 seconds.

How can I get rid of this?

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The btrfs-tools package adds an action to the initramfs to load the btrfs module. If you purge that package (sudo apt-get purge btrfs-tools), followed by an update-initramfs -ukall if the uninstallation doesn't do it already, that should go away (though I've not tested it). If it doesn't, you can always blacklist the brtfs module in /etc/modprobe.d.

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It is the btrfs kernel module that does the scanning (for filesystems scanning multiple devices).

I have not found an indication that this is configurable, so your only options seems to be removing that module from your kernel (modprobe -r btrfs) assuming your kernel supports that.

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The script which starts the search looks for the existence of btrfs. Simply renaming the executable /sbin/btrfs to p.e /sbin/btrfs.save (as sudo) will eliminate the search , gaining some 10-20 seconds in the boot-process!

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