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When my SSH session times out, the whole terminal freezes.

Is there any way to break out of that connection? CTRL+C doesn't cut it.

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What about Alt + SysReq + O? (Please note that I am only kidding!) – Nathan Osman Jun 5 '13 at 5:36

You need to send the ssh escape sequence, which by default is ~ at the beginning of a line (in other words, preceded by a newline, or enter). Then send the disconnect character, which is ..


host1> ssh host2
Last login: Tue Jun  4 21:56:26 2013 from host1

(host2 freezes, press enter~.)

host2> Connection to host2 closed.

See the ssh(1) manual:

-e escape_char
Sets the escape character for sessions with a pty (default: ‘~’). The escape character is only recognized at the beginning of a line. The escape character followed by a dot (‘.’) closes the connection; followed by control-Z suspends the connection; and followed by itself sends the escape character once. Setting the character to “none” disables any escapes and makes the session fully transparent.

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You could kill the ssh process - ie, from another terminal using kill or killall.

... But Bahamat's way is the better, cleaner way.

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