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I have an OpenBSD 5.3 amd64 installed and Intel WiFi Link 1000 card which works with WEP but I obtain a strange message with WPA keys:

# sh /etc/netstart iwn0 
iwn0: no link ............. sleeping

# dhclient iwn0
iwn0: no link ............. sleeping

configuration :

# cat /etc/hostname.iwn0                                            
dhcp nwid Livebox-5dxx wpakey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
# cat /etc/mygate // Correct I check

Result with ifconfig :

# ifconfig iwn0
lladdr 74:e5:0b:c6:xx:xx
priority: 4
groups: wlan
media: IEEE802.11 autoselect (DS1 mode 11g)
status: no network
ieee80211: nwid Livebox-5dxx chan 6 bssid 00:19:70:a5:xx:xx 222dB wpakey 0x620f88c77fc3866ac2165966050980e5cc18f2a606c84b680c62xxxxxxxxxxxx wpaprotos wpa1,wpa2 wpaakms psk wpaciphers tkip,ccmp wpagroupcipher tkip
inet6 fe80::76e5:bff:fec6:d914%iwn0 prefixlen 64 scopeid 0x2

I would like to know how to debug this configuration.

Is it normal that my WPA key appear in hex with prefix 0x in ifconfig output?

How do I ensure that my WPA key settings are correct?

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1 - You could follow this other answer to edit your /etc/hostname.iwn0 and add the wpapsk parameter

Automatic internet connection on startup in OpenBSD?

2 - The Hex key is calculated based on your network id, and wpa passphrase(wpa-psk). Try this site, is very usefull:


Check if the Hex Key calculated on this site is the same provided by ifconfig. If not, additional debug could be needed

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Looks like you are missing the wpa keyword in your hostname.iwn0.

You have:

dhcp nwid Livebox-5dxx wpakey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I think it should be:

dhcp nwid Livebox-5dxx wpa wpakey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

It's normal for it to report the wpakey as 0xabcdef..... ifconfig allows you to specify a passphrase as a convenience to you. It converts it into a hex string for you.

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wpa is not needed if there is wpakey, it is written in the manpage. well i think you have compatibility problem. i have had problem with various APs which were used happily by Windows users. Have you tried to associate to different wpa AP? – Jiri Xichtkniha Nov 15 '13 at 9:10

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