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I don't use Windows all that often, but I've found my self in a position where I'm stuck in front of one quite a bit temporarily. So I've been investigating Cygwin. My question is dpkg available for Cygwin? My Google searches seem to show that it was at least at one point, but I can't find a package. If it isn't availiable as a package does anyone have any tips/experience getting it running?

I'm not trying to create a Cygwin Debian port (although it sounds as if this was attempted in the past). At the minimum, I'd simply like to be able to build Debian source packages while on the Windows machine. (Yes, I know I could ssh over to a Debian box.)

Cygwin is apparently on topic here, but it might not be the best place for this question. I hope this is ok...

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An attempt to get dpkg working has been abandoned, according to THIS sourceforge page that was setup to investigate getting dpkg to work on Windows Cygwin.

Stick to a Virtual Box instance or SSH.

EDIT: If you are really interested, there is a huge thread about trying to get it work here.

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There is a sort of package manager for cygwin, called apt-cyg, but it's a 3rd party package, not part of the cygwin project itself.

If you're thinking about cygwin, you might check out Babun. I just learned about it this week, so I can't vouch for it completely, but I like what I've see so far.

It's a cygwin fork that is more feature-ful out of the box setup. Amongst other improvements, it features pact, an "advanced package manager (like apt-get or yum)", and also an "Auto update feature"

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