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I've been trying awesome WM for a few months now and i am really enjoying it.
I am now playing around with the rc.lua file, and I'm searching for a way to do two things.

  1. With the shortcut mod4+Enter (by default) you create a new terminal. In magnified mode (all floating) the term pops up quite small. I would like to be able to set the default size of a new term, BUT ONLY when it pops up (not when restarting awesome or anything else..)
    I've tried to set a rule for that:

    awful.rules.rules = {
        { rule = { class = "URxvt" }, properties = { width = 900, height = 900 } }

    But when i restart awesome it messes up everything :/
    Any Idea on how to set a "only-when-pop-up" parameter for that?

  2. I wand to be able to to something like mod4 + doubleclick on a window to maximize the size of a window (like the maximize button on any window in gnome)
    Any idea on how I could do that?

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I realized afterwards that for 1. it was a setting from the terminal itself and it has nothing to do with awesome. With URxvt I just had to use the geometry keyword: URxvt*geometry: 90x50 in .Xdefaults Still searching an answer for 2. though. – ycouble May 31 '13 at 15:51
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After some more digging:

  1. With URxvt I just had to use the geometry keyword: URxvt*geometry: 90x50 in .Xdefaults

  2. Actually there already is a shortcut for maximizing a window and it is mod4+m. The double click event is not yet implemented in awesome (see this topic, and there is a feature request in the bug tracker)

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