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In an effort to improve my understanding of Linux, I decided to setup a VPN for myself to route my internet traffic through. After about 8 hours, I finally had a Debian Squeeze VPS setup with pptpd and working as a VPN. (Tried a ton of different distros and configurations until I finally figured out the problems)

Unfortunately my Speed Test results are showing that I get about 3Mb/s transfer speeds which is a horrendous downgrade from the 60Mb/s I normally have. The VPS is hosted only about 2 hours away from me and is on a 100Mb port, which itself gets about 50-60Mb/s download speeds.

Despite being a newbie, I have been experimenting with different mru/mtu settings, dns servers, etc. What could possibly be throttling the VPN speeds so drastically?


The guides used to setup this up were...

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