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Suppose that I have enabled Experimental in my "/etc/apt/sources.list". When I need to install anything from it, I have to explicitly specify on the command:

apt-get install wajig
# vs
apt-get --target-release experimental install wajig

Where is such a setting stored? I expected that it would be some sort of pinning, but I can't find anything suggesting such in "/etc/apt/". Also, is it possible to avoid the behavior?

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The pinning of experimental and backport is in the repository itself (in the Release files). You can change the pinning as you wish, but you have to explicitly do it.

Look in experimental Release file for the line NotAutomatic: yes. It comes from there.

You can see actual pinning values with apt-cache policy wajig.

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@cjm thanks for the typo corrections – shellholic Feb 21 '11 at 23:02

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