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When I execute man foo the terminal shows only the first page and then pauses. Then I have to manually press the keys to scroll here and there.
After executing man foo how do I get an output which is continuously scrolling till the end of it. It'll be bonus if I could control the speed of scrolling.

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man itself does only call $PAGER to display the man page. $PAGER is usually set to less, which does not support such kind of scrolling.

You can simply set $PAGER to any other command that does support such a feature.

You can also simply do something like:

man man|perl -pe 'sleep 1'

Of course you can also make it sleep two seconds for each line. ;)

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Thank you! Such a simplicity! That's unix! Marked as accepted due to the clever use of pipe. – rootkea May 30 '13 at 14:20
man 1 bash | 
  { clear
    for((i=0;i<LINES-2;i++)); do
      IFS= read -r line
      echo -e "$line"
    sleep 5
    while IFS= read -r line; do
      sleep 1
      echo -e "$line"
    done; }
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man sed | col -bx | more

Or pipe it to less if you're a less guy. But, that should about do it to get out of the default controls of man.

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