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I want to restart CACHE(database that I am using) Instance from shell script. What I did is created a function in the shell script named resatrt_cache.

 ccontrol stop instancename restart

This command is running but the control goes to cache and while stopping cache it get stuck to this question

**Do you want to broadcast a message to anyone? No =>**

How can I pass the value here through shell script

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On the assumption that it takes input from stdin, and you want to answer "no":

restart_cache() {
    ccontrol stop instancename restart << EOF

Note: the indentation is important.

If you want to answer "no" to any and all prompts, you can use yes instead:

restart_cache() {
    yes no | ccontrol stop instancename restart

If you'd rather accept the defaults (and the program takes a line feed to mean that), use yes ''.

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