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I have a current Windows 7 64 bit installation that I'm using and I wish to create an openSUSE 12.3 partition on my HDD (not my SSD Windows drive). I used the Windows Disk Management tool to shrink my HDD and create room for the openSUSE partition. My hard drive and partition setup is as follows:

(C:) - 120GB SSD with Windows installed
(E:) - 1.4TB main partition.
(F:) - 300GB games partition.
Unallocated - 100GB taken from E:

(Screenshot 1 shows the setup in Disk Management)

   ss of disk mgmt

I shrunk my E: drive from 1.5TB down to 1.4TB in order to make the 104200MB space that I wanted for my Linux partition. I defragged E: and F: before I tried to install openSUSE. I got an error at the partition setup step of the installation (Screenshot 3).

   ss of suse installer

I took a screenshot of the Disk Defragmenter before installation (after I had run the defrag)(Screenshot 2).

   ss of defrag

Original Screenshots here: http://imgur.com/a/USv8f

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