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My APC 3.1.13 had been running fine for weeks, and today, it stopped working after I restarted PHP5-FPM. If I check out my apc.php it shows it caches some files, and then it just stops caching. I found something about write permissions for the mmap file sometimes being wrong on /tmp, so I changed that to /dev/zero. I'm trying to cache my Wordpress setup, which uses W3TC. I'm running PHP5-FPM with nginx on Ubuntu Server 13.04.

APC.php: http://vps.sparrowinspace.com/apc.php

My phpinfo.php: http://vps.sparrowinspace.com/phpinfo.php

I realize this is quite vague, which is also why I can't figure out what's going wrong here. Can anybody give me any pointers?

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