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I was wondering if there is an AV Grabber that supports Linux. I have IC-348 model I.C.U (international camera unit) camera made in P.R.C, which uses a Sony CCD 420TVL. I want to grab the video output and use it in a program that I am writing. The thing is that I couldn't find a good CCD Cam to USB hardware that supports Linux. Is there one? Can you please give me a model name? Or can you tell me another way to get CCD Cam image in to a Linux laptop?

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Thorlabs is one of the rare manufacturer supporting Linux for CCD Cam. You'll find their driver here and a good CCD one here. Beware that's supported only for 32-bits distribution.

If you don't want a Thorlabs one, you'll find here a list of CCD cam.

This list indicates if cam is supported under Linux or not.

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