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I have /tmp on a separate partition, and mounted with noexec. I am using Debian.

The installation of some packages fails, because the post-installation scripts of some packages need to run from /tmp.

I was wondering if it would be possible to "hook" a simple script to apt-get, which would be run every time before apt-get, and remount /tmp to exec. And similarly, remount it to noexec after apt-get has finished.

any ideas would be appreciated

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You can use dpkg's hook system to remount it -- put this in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/00exectmp:

DPkg::Pre-Invoke {"mount -o remount,exec /tmp";};
DPkg::Post-Invoke {"mount -o remount /tmp";};  
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exactly what I needed. Thanks a lot. – user1968963 May 18 '13 at 14:36

Mumble, you can simply replace apt-get with a script of yours.

Move apt-get to real-apt-get and, then, create a script called apt-get like this one:


mount -o remount -o ... /tmp
real-apt-get "$@"
mount -o remount -o ... -o noexec /tmp

In any case, I do not like this solution. It is easier change the temporary directory environment variable when you need it. Something like (sh style):

mkdir /root/mytmp
export TMPDIR
apt-get ...
rm -rf /root/mytmp

This way apt-get will use /root/mytmp as temporary dir. No need to change the system.

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