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I shell into a remote server to run emacs using ssh. Ever since I started running emacs as a daemon I've been having problems using ansi-term, shell, and eshell.

I can run commands in eshell fine, but I can't switch back to another buffer or kill the eshell buffer. When I type these commands nothing happens.

When I run shell I can enter commands but everything shows up on the same line. If I have the screen split text from shell will run into my other window. Repeatedly pressing Enter causes my PS1 to be displayed on the same line, rather than a new line. I also cannot kill the shell buffer or exit emacs using Ctrl+x Ctrl+c. I have to type exit which kills my ssh session all together.

ansi-term is now the least useful as when I start it Emacs freezes. I can't enter any commands including killing emacs all together.

Has anyone had these problems before?

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how are you connecting - Putty, command-line ssh, something else? – MattDMo May 14 '13 at 21:30
ssh from iTerm2 – David May 14 '13 at 21:33

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