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I have a project with a lot of submodules and I want to delete all remote branches named foo in the submodules, if it exists.

I am trying to following:

git submodule foreach git push origin :foo

This works as intended if the branch exists in all submodules, but if any of the submodules is missing the branch, the foreach stops:

Stopping at 'modules/bar'; script returned non-zero status.

How do I suppress the error?

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Instead of the colon prefix, you can now use --delete. From git help push: "All listed refs are deleted from the remote repository. This is the same as prefixing all refs with a colon." – idbrii Aug 1 '14 at 13:14
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From the git submodule man page:

A non-zero return from the command in any submodule causes the processing to terminate. This can be overridden by adding || : to the end of the command.

This means the following should do the job:

git submodule foreach 'git push origin :foo || :'

The || is an OR and executes the next command if the first one returns non-zero, the : returns true.

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