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Whilst attempting to install Gentoo on my desktop, I ran into some trouble getting my wireless card to work. This is the card I am using. The modules included with the Live CD didn't detect my card, so I downloaded the drivers from the Rosewill website, and followed the build instructions.. up until it told me to use make.

The Gentoo Live CD doesn't come with make.

So, I am confused as to how I should continue from here.

EDIT: I ended up remembering I have a really long cat5 cable, and used that for the initial installation, and then compiled the drivers after chrooting into stage3

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Because usually you would compile inside your stage3 chroot and not the livecd? – jordanm May 11 '13 at 1:24
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I don't think it's typical that Live CD's include developer tools such as make and autoconf. Now I realize Gentoo is meant to be built from source but given your situation I think you're options are one of the following:

  1. Compile the drivers on another Gentoo system that does have make and then manually copy the kernel .ko file(s) to the affected system.
  2. Get the binary packages of make, gcc, etc. from portage on another Gentoo system and install them as packages into the Live CD system.
  3. Try SabayonLinux instead of Gentoo.
  4. Pick a different LiveCD distro that does work with your hardware and follow the Gentoo handbook using that distro instead of the Gentoo LiveCD.

Looking through the howto: Installing Gentoo Using Packages on the liveDVD there are several mentions of a "sneakernet" installation method:


Second choice is a stage3 install supported by Sneakernet. This differes only in that things are fetched from the internet using a remote system or another operating system (or both) and loaded into the growing install manually. Portage still builds everything. The use of sneakernet is described elsewhere.

Given that I would think you're left to manually get the various bits you need using a secondary system, and manually load them into this system.

The details for setting up your network manually are here, in section 3 of the Gentoo handbook: Configuring your Network.

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Given that it is easy to chroot into a stage3, the LiveCD doesn't need these things. – Tom Wijsman May 11 '13 at 10:09

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