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I want to add custom keybindings using dconf. Previously, I had do the same job using gconf and succeeded. However, there are some problems using dconf.

(I'm working on a Debian package, so file-based overrides is very easy to be packaged.)

Here is what I have:

# cat /etc/dconf/profile/user:

# cat /etc/dconf/db/site.d/keybindings

name='Text Editor'

name='Virtual Box'

name='Music Player'

# sudo dconf update

As you see, file /etc/dconf/db/site.d/keybindings contains 4 keybindings, however, only the first work, ie., Win+E for Emacs. Other keybindings won't work.

I can re-order the entries so that pluma be the first, or virtualbox be the first, but, the same problem again: only the first entry work. Ie., Win+G for pluma, or Win+V for virtualbox. However, I can't have all these keybindings at the same time!

But wait a minute... If I move /etc/dconf/db/site.d/keybindings to $HOME/.config/dconf/user.d/keybindings, and run:

# cd ~/.config/dconf
# mkdir user.d
# mv /etc/dconf/db/site.d/keybindings user.d/keybindings
# sudo dconf update .

then everything work! Well, because I'm writing the Debian package, I can't install files to the user's homedir, so still face the problem.

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