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I'm trying to sync all *.jpg files from /var/www/data/models/days/ + some other directories from /var/www/data root.

I do:

rsync -az --delete --include='/models' --include='*.jpg' --exclude='*' $SRC::/var/www/data /var/www/data but it doesn't sync anything. What am I doing wrong?

NOTE: I don't want to change the source or target to include /models/days as I need some other directories with the same filename matching (*.jpg).

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You've included /models in the traversal, but none of its subdirectories. If a directory is excluded, rsync doesn't traverse it, so none of its contents can be included.

Use --include='*/' to include all subdirectories, and -m to not copy directories that would end up empty. For more information, see Rsync filter: copying one pattern only

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Your --include option needs to take account of leading subdirectory names. Try using **.jpg instead: the rsync-specific ** operator matches slashes as well as other characters.

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*.jpg matches files in subdirectories as well: if there's no / in the pattern, it's matched against the basename of the file. /*.jpg would only match files at the toplevel. **.jpg is synonymous with *.jpg. – Gilles May 13 '13 at 1:27

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