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I have just installed fedora 18 on my laptop. It is my home machine, so I will be using it for multimedia and similar things.

Having come from Linux Mint, I realize thee is a lot of non-free stuff missing. Drivers for ATI graphics, Skype, and such like.

I remember in the early days of Ubuntu there was a package easyubuntu which downloaded and installed a number of useful but non-free packages and drivers. Looking about I see Fedora had fedora-frog. I tried this but it says it is only for fedora 10 and 11.

Is there any modern equivalent of this for Fedora 18?

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There have been many of these over the years. The latest attempt is called EasyLife. Here's a link to the project along with some other projects attempting to do the same:



    ss of easylife


    ss of autoplus

Fedora Utils

                 ss of fedora utils

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Also exist PostInstallerF. PostInstallerF will install all necessary, after to run first time Fedora. Its easy for new user. PostInstallerF contains everything you need.

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