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how can I lop through buffers in quickfix list :copen and make some actions with it.

Or any alternative way to put those files to args list and I can use argsdo.

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You can write the loop yourself:

for file in ['foo.txt', 'bar.txt']
   execute 'edit' fnameescape(file)
   " Your processing here.

Or if you already have all files loaded in Vim, use :bufdo and execute your commands conditionally, based on whether the buffer (or buffer number with bufnr('')) is in your list:

bufdo if index(['foo.txt', 'bar.txt'], bufname('')) != -1) | execute ... | endif

Edit: Now that I understand you want to iterate over the files in the quickfix list (the one you see when you do :copen, you can get their buffer numbers via map(getqflist(), 'v:val.bufnr'). Still need to avoid processing the same buffer multiple times, though.

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This is actually not what I'm looking for. I don't know exactly what files I'm gonna edit, I just want it take the files listed in :cope. So it will be not efficient that everytime we get files in vim cope and then remember the name and then write function to do it. Sometimes, it's just a replacement – nXqd May 2 '13 at 9:53
@Vdt I didn't get that part initially; please use the available markup (like you did in your comment), and beware of typos in your question. – Ingo Karkat May 2 '13 at 10:06
Thanks for the suggestion :) – nXqd May 3 '13 at 6:38
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I've found a vim plugin that suits my need completely which is vim-qargs. The idea behind is almost the same with @Ingo.

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