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Is there a bash/ksh/any shell script IDE.

Don't you get annoyed when you forget the space inside if or I don't know, some minor syntax mistakes you do from time to time, but takes you a long time to figure it out(especially when one is tired).

I knew about some suggestion listed below, but I'm looking for something like eclipse(i.e. for java).

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You can use ShellCheck to find common bugs and pitfalls in your scripts > shellcheck.net – Ian2thedv May 13 at 11:38
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Just about every editor support syntax highlighting for shell - this can help you spot problems.

In addition, you can put set -x and set -e at the top of your scripts. The -x tells the shell to print out every command before it executes it. The -e tells the shell to terminate the script if any errors occur. These should really help cut down on time spent looking for bugs.

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+1 for showing more forbearance in answering this question than I would. :) – Warren Young Apr 14 '11 at 17:04

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