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As a follow up to my previous question, I learned that theming in windows (when using a tiling window manager) could be achieved by modifying config files for the different GUI toolkits, for instance GTK is ~/.gtkrc-2.0

What are the config files for others like GNOME, KDE, QT, and others? And how do I set them up? Thanks.

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I suggest you use gtk-chtheme to set the GTK2 options, and qt-config (part of Qt) to set Qt options. KDE will use the Qt theme if you havn't set anything else, but you should be able to run kcontrol and set a theme/fonts etc, if you want.

GNOME saves its configuration in their little registry. KDE saves in the Qt .ini format, under ~/.kde/ somewhere - can't remember or dig it up at the moment. The GNOME and KDE enviroments rely on daemons running in the background. You can start the GNOME/KDE services yourself at login time, or just let them start when an application needs them. gnome-settings-daemon is the GNOME one, I'm not sure if you need to start any KDE daemons except having dbus available.

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