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I'm planning on getting a D-Link DIR-600 to be used as a WLAN access point, and for WEP/WPA certificate management.

I know it works with DD-WRT, and OpenWRT, but not Tomato. Now, I've been looking what firmware I can put on that device, prior to getting it. Tomato is my favorite option, but since it doesn't work with the router, I'm getting second thoughts about getting it at all.

If you happen to have a better suggestion for a router, please do so, but I'd like to stay in the same price range as the DIR-600 (around 25€).

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DD-WRT and OpenWRT are your two best bets for the D-600. They can do most o fwhat Tomato can do, so unless you need something specific to Tomato, this router should be fine.

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