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I have this senario and what i am doing is.

  1. Emulating Web hosting service and Internet (in LAN)
  2. I have Linux Server which is in private LAN network
  3. and other clients in other Lan network connected to router and using NAT like internet
  4. What i want is i want to make shared webhosting like or so that clients go to the site e.g and they see my hosting site and they can signup for hosting and register there domains and have cpanel and all services like professional hosting.

What I Know already

I have setted up LAMP in ubunutu server Bind in ubuntu server for DNS and already have one site created i.e what i need is cpanel for web hosting provider administration ,I choosed VHCS for that. I can now create users asign them domains, quotas etc

BUT, What i dont understand

how users can register through and get there panel automatically ?

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Due to the way cPanel's licensing work, you can't run it on a box that is not publically accessible. – jordanm Apr 23 '13 at 15:21
but i am not using cpanel – Nadeem Muhammad Apr 25 '13 at 14:04

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