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I've recently installed conky-cli and got it running on the upper bar in dwm with this simple command:

conky | while read -r; do xsetroot -name "$REPLY"; done &

And I wanted to get colored output with conky, thought this could be done with sed like:

conky | sed .. | while ..

But don't know how to get the output from the pipe with sed and convert it to a color.

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What output is conky-cli returning? – slm Apr 22 '13 at 20:19

To get colours in dwm's status bar with conky you have two options:

  • patch dwm with the statuscolours patch1 and use conky-cli with the exec variable for the coloured text.

  • pipe conky to dzen and let dzen handle the colourizing (this is more of a hack as it paints over the dwm bar).

A third approach, which I find much cleaner2, is to patch dwm with statuscolours and use a shell script to write the various system information to the root window: screenshot.

1. See my bitbucket repo for a statuscolours patch for dwm 6.0
2. You can also find my statusbar script in my bitbucket repo.

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Thanks , I'll try this asap, I'm sure I'll find it useful. – user37670 Apr 22 '13 at 21:07

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