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Is there a way to configure CentOS 6.3 to direct all internet traffic through a proxy server?

Forgive me if this is a really dumb question, I know very little about how proxy servers work and how traffic is directed through them. I am basing this question off using the HideMyAss on my windows desktop. After downloading their program, they were able to direct all of my web traffic through their proxy servers no matter which web browser I was using.

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There are a lot of options here. One way to go would be to setup a Squid proxy (software) that takes care of taking all the internet traffic and running it through itself. Once you have Squid setup on the box you can use something like QuintoLabs Content Security (commercial product but the community edition is free for personal use).

There is a thorough tutorial here that you can follow.

The general steps are as follows:

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