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In VMS DCL one may embed data in a command file using $DECK and $EOD. What is Linux for this?

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It may be worth explaining in a little more detail how $DECK/$EOL work – Brian Agnew Jun 14 '09 at 15:06
Would someone who has a VMS system add to the question an example that matches the "cat sample.txt << EOF" answer? – C.W.Holeman II Jun 14 '09 at 15:21
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You can embed data within shell scripts. How this works is shell dependent. However bash/perl etc. do this in similar ways, using a heredoc. e.g. in bash (and similar):

$ cat > sample.txt << EOF

will write as input a,b,c up to the EOF, and then cat will write that out to sample.txt. Note that EOF is a convention and you can use any label. Try the above on the command line to see more clearly what's going on.

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Loki also made a tool called makeself. This tool can embed compressed data in a shell file and is useful for self-extracting installation scripts.

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