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Recently I came across this site.

It says, in Linux with QT, it is possible 'to highlight characters' by pressing ShiftCtrl {Left,Right} or Shift {Left,Right}.

Could somebody please explain this feature with a screenshot or something?

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The Behavior

It is possible that the site is referring to a common behavior of text boxes where holding Shift and hitting the cursor keys moves the cursor and toggles the highlighting of the characters that the cursor moves over. It is also common for holding Ctrl and hitting the cursor keys to make the cursor jump on word boundaries. Holding down both Ctrl and Shift would cause the cursor to highlight text and jump on word boundaries. You can experiment with this behavior in a browser, text editor, or other application that has a text box.

The Notation

{item1,item2} is somewhat arcane notation for displaying multiple possibilites. Shift{Left,Right} expands to ShiftLeft and ShiftRight.

The Framework

qt is a cross-platform application framework that implements several types of text boxes. It is possible that the site was referring to this framework.

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