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I want to install the opengl sdk http://glsdk.sourceforge.net/docs/html/pg_build.html . I successfully built it but it has no install script.

I am wondering where I have to put them in order for eclipse to find them with -lname.

It seems that I can install header only libraries by just putting them in /usr/include. But I have no idea where I have to put name.a files.

I installed GLFW with pacman. I can find it in /usr/include/GL/glfw.h but I have no idea where the real library is located.

I hope you can clear things up.

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Try looking at these instructions for the how-to use. – Braiam Jul 7 '13 at 16:30

The lib folders are what hold the actual binary libraries for the compiler to link to or include in the executable if it is statically linked.

Where you have -lname you can just use the actual location of the .a/.so files.

This only works if the .so file stays there. That is if you dynamically link to the .so file. If you add the -static option than it will pull in the binary data from the .a file into your executable file when it compiles it. Then it does not matter if you delete the .a/.so files.

Here's a good reference for what dynamic libraries and static libraries are and how to create them with gcc. Reading it will help you a lot.

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