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In vim, I can find the matching if statement and prepend the appropriate comment symbol. (e.g. %s/.alarm./#\0/g), but then I am left with dangling endifs that I have to find manually. I could simplify the process by using macro, but I could I achieve this with sed (more specifically one in vim)?

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The problem with a simple regular expression is dealing with nested conditionals; you cannot simply search for the next endif and comment it out. Fortunately, the matchit plugin that comes with Vim has this problem solved (for many filetypes); when on the if, the % mapping will take you to the corresponding endif.

Combine that with a plugin like NERDCommenter, and you can easily build a mapping for it:

:nmap <Leader>cif <Leader>cc%<Leader>cc
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Thank you. I never thought about using those plugins that way! – Forethinker Apr 14 '13 at 10:48

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