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I am attempting iconify a xterm terminal when it loses focus in fluxbox.

I am following this wiki:


And so far, I've got it appending this line

Control T : If {Matches (xterm)} {Delay {Iconify} 1}

to ~/.fluxbox/keys file, which iconify the terminal when I press Control T shortcut.

How can I get that behavior when xterm loses the focus?

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After a long time, I've partially solved this by overriding the Alt + Tab shortcut this way: Mod1 Tab :If {Matches (xterm)} {Delay {Iconify} 2} {NextWindow {groups} (workspace=[current])}. So when Alt + Tab is issued, I check if current window matches xterm class, if so iconify the window (cause it'll lose the focus), do the normal workflow otherwise. – slackmart Jan 17 at 18:38

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