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I am working on Zsh 5.0.2 (latest stable version), and I noticed that:

dirs -v


cd -<TAB>

show a different list of directories (or at least directories in different order).

Moreover, it seems as if cd - shows oldest directories at the top, with the more recent directories at the bottom (exactly the opposite of what I want)

Why are these lists different, and how can I change the options of these lists?

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You are moving from the right(to left) of the directory stack when using -. where as dirs -v prints the directory stack,in a list, from the left(to right). If you were to cd +<TAB> the completion would show in the same order as dirs -v. Using dirs without options, would give a more accurate visual representation of the stack and how you are rotating it with pushd & popd. If the pushd_minus option is set, the context of - and + are swapped. man zshbuiltins and look for pushd for more information.

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