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I set up an alias:

alias gpgagentexport="eval $(cat ~/.gpg-agent-info) ; export GPG_AGENT_INFO"

However when I source my .bashrc the $(cat ...) is evaluated at that point. But I want to evaluate it when I run the alias gpgagentexport (after the contents of ~/.gpg-agent-info has changed).

So is there some sort of escaping, quoting or syntax to achieve that?

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Use single quotes:

alias gpgagentexport='eval $(cat ~/.gpg-agent-info) ; export GPG_AGENT_INFO'
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Ah, thank you. I should go and read a bit more about bash quoting rules. – Hamish Downer Apr 13 '13 at 16:40

Escaping the $ should also work:

 alias gpgagentexport="eval \$(cat ~/.gpg-agent-info) ; export GPG_AGENT_INFO"
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