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I'd like to try LinuxMint on a Dell LAtitude E6420 laptop that has a nVidia Optimus hardware.

I downloaded the Mate iso and (on a Windowze machine) created a multiboot flash drive with this distro. It has already been successfully installed on another newer Dell Inspiron with a nVidia hybrid card - I guess not from the Optimus hardware series, but I'm not sure!

This E6420 has a Optimus hardware (Quadro NVS 4200, if my memory serves me right) and on Slackware it runs no questions asked (I'm posting this thread using this same laptop, on Slackware).

When trying to call X, LinuxMint fails and I've no display and keybord is locked (caps lock light does not turns on), but the keyboard is backlit.

I tried to edit the grub launch line passing the argument --nomodeset and it actually started X, turning white points into green and vice-versa until it hangs again.

Is there a verbose mode option or even some option I can call a Slackware-like or (older!) Debian-like installation mode?

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