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How do I tell how much load a particular process is contributing to each of several available volumes/mounts? It seems that dstat only shows aggregate stats across all processes per disk, and iotop only shows aggregates stats across all disks per process.

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It's kinda bad to ask the same question twice. You might have edited the title of the original note. – mdpc Apr 11 '13 at 5:32
@mdpc I specifically was asking two distinct questions. I can try to make them more clearly distinguished? To other readers, this is what is being referring to: unix.stackexchange.com/questions/72027/…. – Yang Apr 11 '13 at 7:39
The Linux kernel does not track this information. Solaris on the other hand does, and this information is available via dtrace – Johan Apr 11 '13 at 13:12

You can use htop. It is a better process monitoring tool that top.

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I already use htop. It does not provide per-process per-disk stats. – Yang Jun 15 '13 at 19:37

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