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Is there a tool like iotop but for monitoring IO on specific volumes? (Or perhaps I missed a way to filter iotop?) If not is there any way to get at this information via (say)/proc? (dstat etc. only show aggregate activity across all processes per volume, whereas I'm interested in seeing how much each process is contributing.)

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As there are no answers yet...

I do not have an easy suggestion (like an iotop switch) but if this is important to you then you may write a FUSE module which just remounts the file systems elsewhere (chroot for the process to be examined) and counts the amount of data read / written. That should be a rather easy adaption of existing modules. You may ask the FUSE community which might be the best existing solution to start from. Probably even their demo module will do.

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You can use iostat to monitor disk I/O for performance issues.

$ iostat -xd /proc
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