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Can a Linux computer receive scanned images from a scanner using WSD (Web Services on Devices)?

Background: At my work we have an Epson WP-4545 printer, and the printer part works fine from Linux, but for scanning, we can chose between "to usb-memory", or "to computer (WSD)", the 2nd option works fine with windows (borrowed a windows computer to try), but we Kubuntu and Gentoo.

  1. Is there some program, or tool, that I can install to be able to receive image to the Linux computers, too?

  2. Are there other names for WSD? googleing on WSD or "Web Services on Devices" didn't give much information at all.

  3. Or, maybe there some other reasons for why I can't find any information, like copyright laws and patents?

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Here is your best shot:


In the search:

Model: wp-4545 OS: Linux

You will be shown a list of Linux drivers for the printer and network scanner options.

Product Name    Category    OS  Version Module Name Language    Release Date    
WP-4545 Series    Printer Driver    Linux    latest ESC/P Driver (full feature) All language    10-12-2012  
WP-4545 Series    Printer Driver    Linux    latest ESC/P-R Driver (generic driver) All language    10-23-2012  
WP-4545 Series    Scanner Driver    Linux    Ver. 2.29.1/1.22.0 core package&data package   All language    02-12-2013  
WP-4545 Series    Scanner Driver    Linux    latest network plugin package  All language    12-21-2011  
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