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I have a linux PC (Debian Squeeze) which is located into a room in another town (I cannot physically access to this PC from where I am)

This PC is linked to internet using an internet box. I can connect to this PC using ssh through port 22 (actually I have a NAT from remote box port XXXX to PC's port 22).

One of my collegue connects a 3G key. I then use sakis script to connect this PC to 3G network, and then my ssh connection is hanged (Broken pipe). My collegue can still access to the PC from his local network using ssh; I can't.

What are the reasons why 3G connection stops the external ssh connection ? How can I solve this issue (keeping my ssh connection opened while 3G connection is made) ?

Edit: additional information

I connect using the NAT, before 3G script is launched

IP does not change for eth0 (the interface I use to connect)

A new interface is added after 3G connection :ppp0 Link encap:Point-to-Point Protocol

ip route (before 3G connection) dev br0  proto kernel  scope link  src dev eth0  proto kernel  scope link  src 
default via dev eth0 

ip route (after 3G connection) dev ppp0  proto kernel  scope link  src dev br0  proto kernel  scope link  src dev eth0  proto kernel  scope link  src 
default via dev ppp0 
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To clarify: a) your colleague is connecting via the local network whereas you're trying to connect via the NAT? b) Did the IP address on eth0 or the routing table ("ip route" output) change? c) Not familiar with the script, did it add another interface (like a virtual one) to the system? – Bratchley Apr 9 '13 at 16:02
$a) I try to connect using the NAT, before 3G script is launched | b) the ip did not change for eth0 (the interface I use) c) yes, it added an interface: ppp0 Link encap:Point-to-Point Protocol – lauhub Apr 9 '13 at 18:28
Did the output of the routing table change when it added the ppp0 interface? It may be routing the response out an interface we're not expecting. – Bratchley Apr 9 '13 at 18:37
You can check the routing table with the "ip route" command BTW – Bratchley Apr 9 '13 at 18:39
I added this information in the edited question – lauhub Apr 10 '13 at 10:46

After running that script, your default route points to another interface. Your ssh connection's data get sent there, but get thrown away because they have the wrong address, are NATted by the 3G network to some unrelated address, and/or whatever.

Solution: Add an explicit route. The variable $SSH_CLIENT tells you where the connection is coming from.

# ip route replace $1 via dev eth0

should solve your problem.

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Sorry, I'm a little bit confused with your script. Should I add this to the 3G connection script ? After or before 3G connection command ? Or elsewhere ? It is $1 I should use but where is it set ? – lauhub Apr 17 '13 at 22:03
You can add it to the beginning of your 3G connection script, sure. The $1 is set by the set $SSH_CLIENT line, see the shell's manual page. – Matthias Urlichs Apr 18 '13 at 7:12
NB: I fixed the route command, should have been ip route. – Matthias Urlichs Apr 18 '13 at 7:15

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