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I am using fedora 18 32 bit and wanted to add my google account through its gnome online account.

I click on "Online Accounts" and then enter my Google username and password. I have enabled 2 step verification to my google. I get the verification code, everything goes well,

After that I get

The GNOME application on your computer is requesting access to your Google Account for the product(s) listed below

I click on grant access.

It gives an error and says:

"Error getting identity: Forbidden"

What shall I do?

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GNOME 3.6 (the version in Fedora 18) does not support 2-factor authentication because there was a long time when Google did not support Oauth2 (the login mechanism involving a browser) for calendars.

The workaround is described online, and worked for me.

In short:

  1. Generate app-specific password
  2. Delete GOA passwords from seahorse, and logout / login
  3. Manually add application-specific password to stored GOA password string
  4. Log out & log in again
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