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I have a couple of servers that fail to display newly added supplementary groups. For example, I have a user which you run id and his groups come up.

id <username>  
groupblah, groupblahblah , groupblahblahblah

They show up initially, but if you add that user to an LDAP group, for example hr_managers, on ldap it shows he's a member but on some servers, if you run id command,

id <username>
groupblah, groupblahblah , groupblahblahah   #( but no hr_managers)  show up

getent passwd ; displays the user 
getent group ; displays hr_manager

Does anybody have any ideas how to resolve this? Better yet, how does the ldap server go about getting this group information. Would the nss_group search have anything to do with it?

any help would be appreciated.

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You probably have nscd running on your servers. Try nscd -i passwd and nscd -i group to flush its caches.

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