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Looks like the default precision has changed in Arch, but I checked top (1), I didn't find anything related to precision, maybe I've used the wrong jargon.

enter image description here

Right now it's 3 bit precision, I want only one. How can I change that?

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If you're talking of the top from procps-ng, then it's done at compilation time.

Wide percentages used to be off by default, and you had to change it (PERCENTBOOST in top/top.h), but now it's on by default (see this change), and you turn it off with NOBOOST_MEMS and NOBOOST_PCNT in top/top.h.

You could do:

sudo perl -pi-orig -e 's/%#\.3f/%#.1f/g;s/%#\.2f/%#.0f/g' "$(
  command -v top)"

But that wouldn't reclaim the screen real-estate.

Or you could use other top implementations like htop.

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