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I just posted this:

#274616: “Simple” gnome applets in Unity - stickynotes

... where I could instantiate a Gnome 2 bonobo applet in a standalone window,


... using bonobo.ui.widget_new_control_from_objref in a Python script - here is a snippet:

bcontrol = bonobo.activation.activate_from_id('OAFIID:Invest_Applet', 0, False)
buiwid = bonobo.ui.widget_new_control_from_objref(bcontrol, win.get_ui_container().corba_objref())

I find this method extremely convenient, so I was wandering whether one could do something similar with dbus bindings; either from Python or from C?

(I would personally gather not - as far as I've read around, it seems bonobo was specifically intended for instantiating one application in another; while dbus currently just exchanges messages; however, I'd like to have it confirmed).

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As you suspected, this is not possible. D-Bus is merely a message passing system and knows nothing about GUI's.

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